Student Council

‘We really get things done’

Our school council meets every half term.  We bring items for discussion from our classes that we think will make the school a better school for its students.  At each meeting we start by reminding ourselves of how we should conduct ourselves in the meeting, we eat our refreshments and complete our School Council Questionnaire.

We then discuss items from the students regarding how the school could be improved.  For example:

  • We highlight any issues with the school facilities and suggestions on how they could be improved
  • How the food could be improved
  • How we could be provided with better ways to socialise
  • Clubs that we would like to run
  • We have have worked with the catering team in school to make suggestions for lunches and have been delighted with the changes they have seen.

The school council propose changes and ask questions of senior leadership during every meeting. ‘We really get things done’, is a quote from a recent meeting when asked what the students like about being a council member.

The council are regularly consulted on their feelings of safety within school and if the students feel they know who to approach if they have any concerns or worries. ‘I have never seen bullying in this school’, ‘if anything it’s overly safe!’ were quotes from a recent meeting.

The council are responsible for putting together a ‘Student Charter’ of rights and responsibilities which can be seen in a big display in the main school reception. 

Our thoughts and opinions are listened to on a whole range of topics, including our lessons, our education and how we can help lead the school.

If any student would like to make a suggestion on how the school could be improved please complete the following form: