Primary Provision

Primary Curriculum

We have a range of primary groups which have been created to group pupils with similar needs. All of these classes have a focus on developing key, fundamental academic skills alongside working with pupils to help them develop an understanding of their own personal development, social skills, self-regulation and communication and interaction.

The offer in Primary:

When pupils first join us, they go through a number of initial assessments which inform us of the most beneficial approach and input for that particular pupil.

Primary groups provide education in small groups with a bespoke timetable that is designed to meet the needs of the pupils in that particular group, as well as giving them the opportunity to learn skills to help them reach their potential.

Curriculum Offer

Primary children access a broad curriculum with some subjects, such as Cooking, PE, Art and Music being led by specialist staff. Within each nurture group, the children are taught using an ambitious, cross curricular, topic based approach alongside Maths and English interventions to ensure each child is provided with the right level of support to access the curriculum. Opportunities for PHSCE are found throughout the school day while also being taught explicitly to help children develop strategies to regulate themselves. Zones of Regulation is embedded in our classroom practice and is used across all groups to help children manage their regulation.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our approach which develops alongside the children. We aim to allow our children to develop their social communication and interaction through opportunities for collaborative play, with support from adults to scaffold and model appropriate and successful interactions.