School Life

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School Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 3:30

Please note individual students may have variations to their school day according to their needs.  These adjustments are only made in agreement with parent/carer.

For more information about the specific hours of each provision, please CLICK HERE.

School Uniform

Danesgate expect students to be clean, presentable and appropriately dressed for school.

Although there is no formal uniform at Danesgate, pupils should not wear tops with offensive writing/imagery on or tops that do not cover their body appropriately- this includes short tops that may expose their midriff.  Jackets, caps or hoods should be worn in class.

Danesgate student dress code should be functional and appropriate for an effective learning environment. Skills and specialist subjects will require PPE appropriate for the activity/lesson and the lesson cannot be accessed without this safety uniform.


If your child is unwell or unable to attend school for any reason please the follow the school attendance policy (CLICK HERE) and

  • Call the school and inform the reception on 01904 555555 or email [email protected]: stating your child’s name, class and reason for absence before 9am. If you can indicate the length of time your child may be absent for this would be helpful.
  • Carl Elliott is our pastoral support member of staff in charge of attendance. Any additional conversation or concerns you may have please contact Carl via our main reception.


  • Please contact your KeyWorker direct via their work mobile (text or call) or reception. They will then update registers and our attendance officer.

Your child’s KeyWorker will likely be in touch with you on the day of absence to check if you need any help or support: providing a general well being ‘check in’ for you and your child.

Lunchtime Menu

The following are the Menus for the Summer Term.  We work on a 3 week rota.