ResPEX Provision

ResPEX, provides education for pupils from Day 6 following a permanent exclusion from a secondary school or when respite away from their secondary school is required for a limited period of time.  

What is the Danesgate way?
The offer at ResPEX

Students who join ResPEX will have an integration meeting to identify the needs of the individual students and to develop a bespoke timetable offer that is very carefully devised to best meet their individual needs during this challenging time of their educational journey.

ResPex can offer either education in small groups or when required on a one-to-one basis, depending on the individual needs of the pupil.  

A students time with ResPEX is limited; those students that attend following a permanent exclusion are supported to return to another mainstream offer, whilst those on respite are subject to a review process which results in a return to mainstream.


Curriculum offer

ResPEX can be very flexible.e are then able to offer a timetable which offers the flexibility of options (especially relevant at Key Stage 4) and work with other parts of Danesgate (for example in the Skills Centre) to work towards positive outcomes for all students.