Our Mission and Values

Our Mission


The Danesgate Community endeavours to help young people STRIVE to develop positive  behaviours and constructive attitudes and to overcome barriers to learning.


The Danesgate Community endeavours  to  provide young people with skills to overcome learning barriers for the future, in order that they can THRIVE in society.


The Danesgate Community endeavours to teach young people to ACHIEVE  academically,  emotionally and socially  –   all of our pupils have different starting points and experiences of school when they join Danesgate.

Our Values


At Danesgate we are all  different, all here for different reasons and we accept difference.  We study and discuss all types of bullying, homophobia and racism.



At Danesgate our pupils have a say on our student council.  Everyone has a voice.


Individual liberty

When things are not going well, we can talk about it and find a way to work it out.  We have choices.


Mutual Respect

We are a team and have to work together.  Staff and students have to treat each other with respect.  Our key statement is ‘Polite and Friendly’



Rule of Law

We all need to be good citizens in Danesgate and the local community. We study what that means when visitors talk about their role in the community.