Our commitments to our community

At Danesgate our Mission is for everyone in our community to STRIVE, THRIVE and ACHIEVE.  To support our Mission we have made the following commitments:

Our 5 Commitments to our pupils
  1. We will recognise you as being an individual, with unique skills, strengths and areas for development. We will support you to grow and have a sense of ownership over your own life in order that you can Strive, Thrive and Achieve.
  2. We will provide you with a learning environment where you feel safe, where you belong and where you are valued .
  3. We will nurture our relationships with you, building up trust and mutual respect. We will support you to learn to make, build and maintain positive relationships with different people.
  4. We will co-create a ‘bespoke’ learning offer where together we meet your individual needs , break down barriers and provide you with the skills for life.
  5. We will be AMBITIOUS for your future, developing your social, emotional, academic and non-academic skills in order that you can Strive, Thrive and Achieve.


Our 5 Commitments to our parents/carers
  1. We will care for your child as an individual and always act in their best interests. In order that they can Strive, Thrive and Achieve.
  2. We will nurture our relationship with you and your child. A strong relationship between parents/carers and Danesgate is essential to build the strongest team of support around your child.
  3. We will work with you in co-creating your child’s education, ensuring that your child is on the most appropriate learning pathway that ensures that they can Strive, Thrive and Achieve.
  4. We will communicate with you at every opportunity, ensuring that you are listened to and heard. We operate an open door policy and you are always welcome.  We will share the small successes, as well as the big ones.
  5. We will always ask that you always work with us and are respectful to us as professionals who are dedicated to supporting your child in realising their potential and developing the qualities and capabilities that will allow them to be valued  member of society and successful during their life’s journey.
Our 5 Commitments to our staff
  1. We will create a Culture and Community where your wellbeing is prioritised, where you are valued, supported and respected in order that you feel  an important member of the school community and are making a difference.   
  2. We will provide you with opportunities for Continued Professional Development to ensure that you get the support you need to be the very best you can be in your role.
  3. You will benefit from regular supportive appraisals that allows you to reflect on your own practices, your contributions are valued and your successes are celebrated. 
  4. We work on the assumption of ‘good intent’ and that ‘mutual good will’ is key for a school to be successful over time. We trustthat you are striving to do your best, but those that need   support are not afraid to ask and it will be provided in a non-judgemental way.
  5. We are committed to ensuring that staff workload is manageable and fair. A collegiate approach to high quality planning and streamlined data and reporting ensures that staff’s focus is on ensuring they have positive working relationships and are delivering outstanding lessons.
Our 5 Commitments to our wider community
  1. We will be a good neighbour. We will look after and be respectful to all.  We will listen to and work with everyone to support our common goals.
  2. We will always do our best to look after the environment, ensuring that we are Environmentally Friendly and are looking after the worlds scarce resources.
  3. We will provide an inclusive community which fosters a sense of belonging to support Danesgate pupils to become good citizens of York.
  4. We will support schools in York with pupil behaviour. We offer close and collaborative working on an outreach basis.  We can offer advice and support in order that the needs of the child are always at the core of our work.
  5. We will work openly and in partnership with the Local Authority, ensuring that the offer available in the city for those students with needs that mainstream schools cannot meet is excellent and allows these children to Strive, Thrive and Achieve.