St Nicks – Primary school visits

St Nicks is the green heart of York

St Nicks is a centre for nature and green living, with an ambitious vision for York. The charity started as ‘Friends of St Nicholas Fields’ in the 1990s by transforming a former landfill site into a thriving Local Nature Reserve. We continue to manage it, with the help of many great volunteers, for the benefit of both wildlife and our visitors. The name of the site and the secular charity comes from the middle ages when the area was owned and managed by St Nicholas hospital and church.

They are based at St Nicks Environment Centre which combines many green features. From this base, they run projects, events and services which help to make York more sustainable.

We have an excellent working relationship with St Nicks where our Primary aged students visit and complete a range of activities as shown below:

It has been great to see the children thrive in the amazing outdoor space at St. Nick’s. They have learned many new skills one of which was lighting a fire with flint and steel – greatly needed at this time of year!

Mrs Barrett


The children are feeling the benefits of outdoor learning and are making connections with nature and their local environment.  It’s been such a valuable experience for all of them!

Miss Patterson

Quotes from our visits

I enjoy toasting the marshmallows on the fire we have made.  They are really sticky and yummy when I eat them!


It’s good fun laying in the hammock.  It’s nice and comfy!

I enjoy using the different tools. My favourite is the pick-axe – I tried to smash up some concrete with it!


I enjoyed using the pick-axe to help chop up a fallen down tree.  I wanted to make it safe for little kids when they go walking at St. Nick’s.


Whittling has been fun!  I have made different medieval spears and joined in with a pretend battle with my friends. I had to wear a glove to protect my hand when I was using the knife.


I used a spade to dig a hole and I found lots of treasure.  It was hard work digging into the ground.