Health and Social

At Danesgate, we aim to stimulate a genuine sense of moral and social responsibility, whilst providing an introduction to the Health and Social Care sector and supporting our students to achieve, by delivering a Health and Social Care curriculum that:

  • Promotes enjoyment of learning through practical activity, explorations and discussion.
  • Encourages students to become increasingly independent in their research and learning.
  • Develops confidence and competence with computer skills, creating and delivering powerpoint presentations to teachers and peers.
  • Develops a practical understanding of methods of testing that are used in the industry and understand what the results of these mean in terms of health and wellbeing.
  • Helps young people understand the importance of physical, intellectual, emotional and social wellbeing, and how this can be applied to their own selves and the lives they will lead.


How you will be assessed

The OCR Cambridge National qualification consists of two mandatory units:

  • Essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings
  • Communicating and working with individuals in health, social care and early years settings

and two optional units:

  • Understanding life stages
  • Understanding the nutrients needed for good health

The four units enable the students to achieve a GCSE equivalent in this subject. Although the optional units have been chosen, it is possible for students with a personalised timetable to study any of the other seven units that may be more suited to the individual’s interests or strengths.

The Health and Social Care curriculum is adapted accordingly, depending on factors such as whether students are taught in a group setting or on a one to one basis, how long they have to complete the course and how many sessions are included on their timetable. Schemes of work are deliberately planned to be flexible so that such factors can be taken into account, as well providing room for tailoring lessons to suit the learning style and approaches that best suit the individual or group.


Exam board

OCR Cambridge National


Ways to help my child succeed

You will need the ability to think for yourself. You will also have to be self-motivated, organised, complete work thoroughly and have an excellent attendance record.