Core PE
Cambridge National in Sports Studies – Year 10 and 11
Primary Provision Swimming

Inspiring an active generation….

Many fit and healthy adults have been recorded as stating that the biggest influence on their lifelong participation was their experiences of Physical Education at school. That is why at the Danesgate Community we strive for excellence and enjoyment in PE!

Our Vision:

For all children to arrive to PE with smiles on their faces and leave with red faces!

How will we achieve that aim?

Provide students with a broad and balanced curriculum where students can achieve their potential.

Why is PE important at Danesgate?

Physical Education at Danesgate develops students’ competence and confidence and it encourages children to take part in a range of physical activities that then becomes a central part of their lives.

Physical Education helps students develop personally and socially as it provides opportunities for individuals to work on their own, in groups and in teams, developing concepts of fairness and of personal and social responsibility. They take on different roles and responsibilities, including leadership, coaching and officiating. Through the range of experiences that PE offers, they learn how to be effective in challenging situation.


  • Enjoy watching sport on the television?
  • Interested in a variety of sports?
  • Considering a career in sports?

Then this course is for you!

By choosing the Sports Studies course, you will be given the opportunity to practically learn the theory behind sport.  This course is equivalent to one GCSE

The Course

There will be four units studied, each offering you different opportunities to develop your knowledge and understanding of sport over a two year course.

Contemporary Issues is assessed in an hour long exam. Two units are written case studies and the sports skills unit is an observation assessment. You will be assessed using a variety of methods including interview, video, checklist and live observation. The majority of your coursework will be completed in coursework booklets.

The theory lessons will be taught using a variety of methods including, lectures, workshops, practical sessions and experiments.

Unit 1: Contemporary Issues (Externally Assessed)

This is split into four sections. Issues which affect participating in sport. The role of sport in promoting values. Understanding the importance of hosting major sporting events and knowing about the role of the national governing bodies.

Unit 2: Developing Sports Skills

The practical sport is where you will be given the chance to show your skills, techniques and tactics in a wide range of sports. You will be taught the rules of these sports and learn how to officiate in your chosen sport. You have to do at least two main sports- one individual and one team sport, but we will cover a variety of sports throughout the unit and course.

Unit 3: Media In Sport

Students will understand the basics forms of Media such as Newspapers, Internet, Television and Radio. You will explore both the Positive and Negative impacts media can have on a variety of sports

Unit 4: Sports Leadership

Students will learn how to plan a coaching session in detail, in a sport of their choice. They will then deliver this to their peers. They will review their session and pick out their strengths and weaknesses. Finally they will have to put an action plan together on how to improve.

All primary classes have swimming lessons each year at New Earswick Swimming Pool.

The lessons provided opportunities for them to develop essential water safety skills; improve their fitness and introduce a lifelong interest. The structured sessions teach our young people how to swim proficiently and gain confidence and awareness in water. The pupils have fun and always look forward to their swimming lessons.”


Examples of staff and parental feedback

“The swimming lessons have provided our children with a safe opportunity to learn to swim, when they previously haven’t been able to access swimming lessons.”

“I think it’s perfect!” 

“The children in PC1 looked forward to their swimming lessons each week and have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in an activity that was outside of school.”