Access and Directions

For full contact details and a map of how to reach us please see the Contact us Page.

Travelling to the Danesgate Community site
  • The nearest railway station is York, which is just under two miles away. Taxis and information about bus travel are available at the station and there are a number of bus stops nearby.
  • The nearest bus stop to the Danesgate Community is located on Fulford Road, just a few minutes walk away from the site, and is regularly served by several different services which are routed along Fulford Road, including the frequent ‘Park and Ride’ no 7 service. For more information about York bus services, please visit the iTravel York website.
  • Bicycle parking is available, with plenty of ‘sheffield stands’ under a canopy roof.  This is located close to the entrance to our main Reception.
  • There is a small on-site car park which includes two designated and marked disabled parking bays for use by staff and visitors. Please be aware that number of parking spaces is very limited.
Access to and around buildings on site

All visitors to the Danesgate Community should report to reception in the Skills Centre. There is a gate with an intercom system for vehicle access and a separate pedestrian gate with intercom system for those visiting us on foot.

The Danesgate campus is comprised of four main buildings: the Danesgate Centre, the Bridge Centre and The Skills Centre, together with our Primary Unit.  The different areas of the campus are connected internally and by concrete paths, with ramps where necessary, outside.

We consider that accessibility to our site is generally good and is safe for disabled users and accessible for those with wheelchairs. The main entrance is well signed from the edge of the site and easily recognised. There is flat access to the main entrance from the road and sufficient space for a wheelchair to enter, including a level landing in front of the entrance. An automatic door has been installed at the main doors and the inner doors are accessed by a push button by admin staff.  All internal doors are of a suitable size for wheelchairs and are painted blue for easy recognition. Floor coverings are flat and circulation around the buildings is easy and the corridors are wide. There is a lift to gain access to the upper teaching area in the Skills Centre. There are only two sets of stairs in school and they are colour contrasted for safety. An Emergency Evacuation procedure is in place for the upper floors for disabled users. The school benefits from dedicated, accessible, disabled toilets with fittings suitable for disabled users. A hoist and changing bench is not however available. There is no medical room at this time. Measures to support those who are visually impaired are good in terms of anti-glare blinds, good levels of lighting and colour contrasted internal kerbs. Outside these are not in place as yet.

The Skills Centre:
  • This is where you will find our main Reception which is signposted from the entrance gates.
  • There is a shallow ramped access from the car park down towards the main entrance, or an alternate route with a set of three external concrete steps with wall-mounted handrails.
  • The external double door is a powered automatic door.  The following double doors to access the reception area are not automatic and are operated by reception staff..
  • There is a lowered section of the welcome desk.
  • There are comfortable chairs within the reception area, which is evenly and well lit and which has dark grey tiled flooring.
  • The main corridors are wide, with a smooth, dark coloured lino flooring throughout.
  • A  lift is available for access to the upper floor.
  • There is a gender-neutral accessible toilet located off the reception area.  A hygiene suite and a further accessible toilet, both gender neutral, are located on the main ground floor corridor.  There are no toilets on the upper floor of the building.


The Danesgate Centre:

  • There is ramped access to the main entrance door.
  • There are accessible toilet facilities
The Bridge Centre:
  • Visitors to Danesgate Primary and the Bridge Centre should report to the reception in the Skills Centre.
  • There is an accessible toilet facility